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Sadly, Elder abuse is a fast-growing area of litigation, including physical, mental, emotional, financial abuse, and exploitation. Whether committed by strangers (consumer fraud, lottery and pyramid scams, telemarketing, mail fraud, predatory lending practices, home improvement fraud, medical fraud and/or confidence games) or by friends, family, caregivers at nursing homes, residential facilities, institutional care, or advisors (theft or misappropriation of real or personal property), the growing elder population must understand the pitfalls and best avenues for recovery, either by the criminal justice system or civil action taken to judgment, or both. Remedies are available through agencies, state, and federal law, including the Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act (EADACPA.) Suit or protective orders may be available to recover personal injury damages, attorney fees, and other statutory and common law theories, including possible statutory and/or punitive damages. Iannelli & Associates has a network of associate attorneys to help you deal with any of these issues when abuse or exploitation is suspected.

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